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     Documents and files serve as substantiating references for the handling of various official matters for the university, as records that track TUT’s path of development. In order to ensure smooth operation of various administrative works and perpetual storage of important records of school development, the Document and File Section is committed to delivering quality document and file related services to achieve proper safekeeping of documents.

     A sound document and file management system will facilitate administrative operations and improve productivity; through the conversion of document contents to school assets by various means, the Section hopes to fully utilize the values of all existing documents.

1. Improving document and file management operations through the consolidation and establishment of SOPs to enhance document and file management efficacy and service quality.

2. Strengthening the functions of the document and file management information system to improve document processing efficiency while achieving energy conservation and paper reduction.

3. Enforcing the file archival system by sorting and collecting all official documents, correspondences, data and records for each unit to ensure safekeeping of important documents.

4. Offering an environment that will allow ideal storage of files and documents by eliminating negative external factors that may impact document preservation to ensure adequate protection and preservation for documents and files.

     The Document and File Section has been established under TUT’s General Affairs Office to take charge of all managements pertaining TUT’s official documents, correspondences and files including the receiving and issuing of official documents, file management, seal management and mails.

1. Effective from October 15 2002, all units at TUT were required to use the electronic exchange operating system for the delivery of official documents and correspondence.

2. December 2003 – Introduction of the electronic official document system that incorporates functions including paperless online signing system, general official receiving/issuing registration operations, official document preparation and tracking management, archival of closed documents and expediting evaluations.

3. November 2005 – Construction of the Dated Document Tracking System for the official implementation of digital management for dated official documents.

4. September 2011 – Integration of the Dated Document Tracking System with the existing electronic document system to integrate the features of file request to the system in order to achieve “resource integration and enhanced efficacy”.

5. May 2 2012 – Launch of the electronic mail collection system with email notifications sent to different units and individuals.